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    The longevity and the functionality of building materials in the construction industry is a critical factor with all building, infrastructure and industrial projects across all three sectors. Particularly factoring in resistance to degradation from compression, moisture and decomposition which can affect durability.

    The residential and commercial building sector are now subjected to a number of regulations that require builders to meet certain standards. Noise reduction standards in particular, need to be met to ensure liveability.

    The infrastructure, heavy civil and engineering sectors such as road bridges, railways, wharfs and utility projects tend to be subjected to the extremes of the natural environment. Therefore not only the infrastructure itself but the componentry needs to be reinforced and protected to ensure durability.

    Lastly the industrial sector such as manufacturing and the extreme conditions of mining, tend to be subjected to harsh load bearing and environmental impact. The componentry for refineries, process chemical, power generation, mills and mineral processing in particular, needs to be protected if the longevity of the operation is important.

    Rubber is a versatile material, an ideal solution for many construction applications, which require a flexible and compressible product. Reglin Premium Rubber Strips and Pads display a wide range of physical properties including high tensile strength (MPa), which are critical in achieving reliability as well as durability under a wide range of conditions encountered during and after construction. These include load bearing, weather, ozone and UV resistance and the ability to withstand environmental conditions such as exposure to seawater or road oils.

    Construction projects often run on critical timelines and to keep to schedule, it is imperative building materials are available when required. Reglin have large stock holdings of their premium grade construction rubber products and also have the ability to supply custom cut strips, pads and gaskets quickly to meet urgent demands, as well as ongoing scheduled deliveries. You can read about how Reglin’s premium rubber products can serve the construction industry at below.


    Most building materials used for framing structural and support columns, such as concrete, steel or timber are rigid and stiff, and are often connected together by utilising inflexible fixings and fastenings. When imperfections are apparent in these rigid surfaces, a number of factors come into play that will affect the construction supports. Varying expansion and contraction characteristics, as well as natural movement under vertical load with external forces, often causes building stress and therefore, there is a requirement for a flexible isolating material to be used between the building materials.

    Rubber is the ideal solution for many of these applications because of its elastomer flexibility, stretchability and compressibility combined with high tensile strength and load bearing capability creates a durable flexible construction joint that greatly assists to minimise movement.

    You can read our case study about ‘Rubber Strips: A Proven Flexible Solution For Rigid Construction Joints, tab here.

    Product Suggestions: EPDM 70 Rubber Sheet – Premium, Neoprene 60 HG Rubber Sheet – Premium, Natural 60 HG Rubber Sheet – Premium, Natural 40 HG Rubber Sheet – Premium


    Buildings can move and settle during and after the completion of construction. This will then cause several issues as the joints will move and cause minor issues such as doors not closing properly and major issues such as cracking and residual noise.

    Noise Transmission Regulations

    Noise regulation in particular is sometimes overlooked when considering a construction project. It is now extremely important to ensure that noise is contained to a regulated level. Since 2016, new buildings in Australia, including multi-story commercial and residential buildings are now required to meet strict Noise Transmission Regulations particularly for the sound insulating rating of floors as set out by the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

    Noise in strata buildings can be transferred between units and floor joists. This transfer is one of the major sources of noise intrusion in buildings and causes the most grievances. To assist in achieving sound insulation, it is critical that construction joists are isolated or sealed to reduce noise leakage or vibration, during movement of the structure and also insulated to ensure noise does not travel through gaps between structural components.

    Rubber: Ideal for Insulating and Soundproofing

    Rubber damping is an ideal solution to dissipate continuous joint stress. It can be used as a compressible isolating strip for construction to absorb the movement of the rigid building materials, reducing the creation of noise and to also seal the gap between them to insulate against external sound penetration.

    Product Suggestions: EPDM 70 Rubber Sheet – Premium, Neoprene 60 HG Rubber Sheet – Premium, Natural 60 HG Rubber Sheet – Premium, Natural 40 HG Rubber Sheet – Premium


    It is imperative in all construction, that new structures such as windows and doors are adequately sealed against the external environmental effects to achieve greater energy sustainability. The most common of these is the weatherproofing of new buildings.

    Resistance to Moisture and Sealing Gaps:

    Rubber and Sponge Rubber are ideal solutions as they have very good sealing properties due to their pliable and elastic behaviour. Rubber products are also extremely flexible and compressible which can be used to seal gaps to prevent air penetrating or escaping or moisture seeping in. An ideal solution for the building construction to assist to ensure the structure is weatherproofed and has resistance to heat transfer and environmental impacts.

    Product Suggestions: EPDM 70 Rubber Sheet – Premium, Neoprene 60 HG Rubber Sheet – Premium, Natural 60 HG Rubber Sheet – Premium, Natural 40 HG Rubber Sheet – Premium

    Sponge Suggestions: EPDM Sponge Rubber Sheet – Premium, Neoprene Sponge Rubber Sheet – Premium, RE Sponge Rubber Sheet – Premium

    Read more about our solutions ‘Use Flexible Load Bearing Rubber Strips for Rigid Construction Joints’, tab here.


    PREMIUM RUBBER & SPONGE – Durable, UV Resistant, Long lasting

    Reglin Rubber supplies a range of durable premium rubber sheet products to suit the demanding long design life requirements of the construction industry. These products are able to endure UV radiation and are resistant to weather or ozone affects and can be utilised in a range of bearing and sealing applications, which are supplied in varying thicknesses, sizes and hardness depending on service requirements.

    Reglin customisation permits rubber sheets to be supplied in rolls, custom cut strips or pads to ensure easy installation on-site and to meet the particular requirements for the application.