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    Rubber Load Matting for Load Restraint

    The transportation of cargo by road, rail, sea or air can be a dangerous practice with large and varying loads being shipped long distances every day. With hundreds of Australians injured or killed each year due to unrestrained loads, safe load restraint has become a critical issue for the transport industry.

    There are many regulated global standards, relating to these practises, with Australia following suit with its National Transport Commission’s NTC Load Restraint Guide for Heavy Vehicles.

    The NTC Load Restraint Guide (LRG) provides transport drivers, operators, and other participants in the transport chain of responsibility and logistics with the basic safety principles that need to be adhered to for the safe carriage of loads on road vehicles.

    There are also many factors and aids included for the safe restraint of loads including the use of load mats.

    Load Mats are used throughout the transport industry for non-slip protection, to increase friction between vehicle and cargo surfaces. They can be used for all kinds of general and specialist cargo on trucks trains, ships or planes.

    Rubber Load Mats utilised as an anti-slip device, are ideally suited for this task. This is due to their high frictional properties combined with compressibility under load, which creates great slip resistance and reduces the number and force of the lashings required to secure loads. This in turn significantly decreases the dangerous risk of loads shifting during transportation and dramatically reduces safety issues for both drivers and other road users.

    Reglin supply a range of durable Rubber Load Mats to suit the diverse requirements of the transport industry. These products are all designed to be used as a non-slip mat under and between loads to increase friction and can be supplied in range of densities and strengths depending on service requirements. Reglin Load Mats have been tested to ASTM D1894-11 to exceed a coefficient of friction of 0.6, as specified in the NTC Load Restraint Guide.

    Rubber Load Mats can be supplied in rolls or custom cut strips and pads to ensure easy installation and to suit the particular requirements of the cargo being transported.